Situated in the Kalahari Desert, Winco Sandblasting is doing what nature has been doing for centuries... Using the abrasive technique of wind driven sand, we recreate nature on fine glassware to give you the ultimate decorative gift.  

Our sandblasted glassware make ideal corporate or promotional gifts to constantly remind your clients of your business, thus continually act as free advertising. 
We sandblast your company logo onto many types of glassware, such as all types of glasses, beer mugs, tumblers, tot measures or even mirrors, to name but a few. 

If you are at a school or club who is always looking for trophies to reward your learners or members for their achievements, why not allow us to create a memorable trophy for you? We also do commemorative gifts, which is especially for reunions at schools or any other educational organizations. 

Game farm owners and professional hunters could use our glasses as promotional gifts to their clients by either have images of game or their logos sandblasted on it.  

Ever wondered what would be the ideal gift for a wedding or 21st birthday? Contact us to see our large range of gifts ideally suited to make this event unique and unforgettable. 

Our designs, designed and produced by our capable team, range from the Big Five permanently sandblasted onto a variety of glassware, to your own custom-made design or logo expertly recreated on glassware of your choice. Businesses are welcome to bring their company logos for corporate or promotional gifts. 

Allow us to decorate your home by sandblasting any image of your choice onto your patio doors or windows. Imagine an Elephant or Lion permanently watching the visitors who enter your home!  
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